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Administering an Assessment: Overview

Administering an Assessment is the process whereby the Educator or Organisation Administrator makes the Assessment available to Learners, and facilitates the Learner taking the Assessment. After the Assessment has been taken, the results of the Assessment, in the form of reports, will be available to the Learner and to those Educators that have been authorised to view the Learner's Reports.

In order for a Learner to take an Assessment, four criteria must have been met.

1) The Assessment must have been created in the Assessment Tool.

2) The Learner must have been assigned to the Assessment, which presupposes that they have already been added to the Assessment Tool.

3) The Learner must have been given their Assessment Code (the unique code that gives access to the Assessment for that specific Learner).

4) The Assessment must be Active

Note: Writing Assessments and all Non-Adaptive for Printing Assessments are Active by default, but Adaptive and Non-Adaptive Reading, Numeracy, Vocabulary and Snapshot Assessments need to be made Active after they have been created.

Beyond this, there are some differences between Online and Offline Assessments that are dealt with under Administering an Online Assessment and Administering an Offline Assessment, respectively.

In this Section

Administering an Online Assessment

Administering an Offline Assessment

Printing an Assessment

Marking Assessments

Working with Assessment Codes

Previewing an Assessment using the Educator Preview Code

Deleting an Assessment

Activating and Retiring an Assessment

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