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Adding Educators to an Assessment

Educators can be added to an Assessment either at the time of creating the Assessment, or at any subsequent date (even after the Assessment is retired). However the process for doing either of these is the same, as Educators cannot be added to an Assessment until it has been saved.

Adding an Educator or Educators to an Assessment means that they will see the Assessment on their Home and Assessments tabs, and can add Learners to the Assessment from the Groups to which they have been assigned. In this manner, an Organisation Administrator might create an Assessment, but leave it up to the individual Educator to assign Learners to it, and to facilitate the administering of the Assessment.

Note: This is independent of the ability for an Educator to view the results of an Assessment. Educators can view the results of any Assessment that has been taken by a Learner that is assigned to them (i.e. a Learner who belongs to a Group to which the Educator has been assigned).

To add an Educator to an Assessment:

  1. From the Assessment details page (accessible either through selecting the Assessment's title on the Home tab or Assessments tab, or as the page you are redirected to when you first save the Assessment), check the Assessment Status sub-panel in the side menu.
  2. The value Assigned Educators will show n Educator(s) (where n is the number of Educators assigned).
  3. You can change or remove the Educator(s) by clicking on the n Educator(s) link, or the Add more Educators link.
  4. Once you have selected the Educator(s) you wish to assign to the Assessment, select the Save button. You will see a confirmation message stating [Number of Educators] Educators have been successfully added to '[Assessment name]'.
  5. Note that when using the Add more Educators functionality, deselecting a previously assigned Educator will remove them from the Assessment. Alternatively, when viewing assigned Educators, you can select one or more using the checkboxes to the left of their name(s), then use the Remove Selected Educator(s) button.
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