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The Response Information Report (Writing)

This Report provides more detailed information about the task and the criteria (aspects of writing) that are included in a Writing Assessment. It shows

  • the context in which the writing tasks are set
  • the kinds of texts that the Learner is asked to write
  • the scores achieved by an individual Learner on each criterion assessed, and what they mean in relation to the Learning Progressions and Steps.

If several Learners have completed the same Assessment, the Report also summarises the scores achieved by all of these Learners on each criterion.

Note: When viewing a Writing Assessment, your options when viewing response information are different to those when viewing the same Report for Reading and Numeracy Assessments.
They are:
Downloading Assessment as PDF, which will allow you do download the writing Assessment as a PDF; and
Viewing Group Category Scores, which shows the scores achieved in that category by the Learners in the Group.

Select the thumbnail image below to show the full screen version of the Report, along with its reference overlay.

Response information report writing (thmb)

In this Section

The Group Responses Report (Writing)

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