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The Learner Progress Report

This Report shows the performance of an individual Learner over time. You can use this kind of Report to track how a Learner is progressing.

The Report shows the Learner's results on a graph for a series of up to five Assessments. Below the graph, a table gives more detailed information about the Learner's results. Links from the table also allow you to view the Learner Assessment Report for each of the Assessments included in the Learner Progress Report.

To access the Report, from the Learners tab:

  1. Select View Details next to the Learner's name.
  2. If the Learner has taken any Reports in Numeracy, Reading or Writing, a View Report link will appear under the Progress Reports heading at the top of the page, along with the number of Assessments taken in this area.
  3. Select the View Reports link next to the area you wish to view.

Note: Only the five latest Assessments will be included in each Progress Report.

Select the thumbnail image below to show the full screen version of a Learner Progress Report for Reading, along with its reference overlay. The Learner Progress Reports for Numeracy and Writing have a similar layout.

Learner progress report

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