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Changing the Assigned Educator for an Educator Group

An Educator Group is created when an Educator (as opposed to an Organisation Administrator) chooses to create a new Group (see Understanding Groups in the Assessment Tool).

Educator Groups can only have one Educator (their "creator") assigned to them as the Group's owner. However, in some circumstances an Organisation Administrator might want to change the owner of an Educator Group. The most obvious of these would be where an Educator (having created Educator Groups) subsequently leaves the organisation.

In this case, the Organisation Administrator can simply change the ownership of these Groups to a new Educator, rather than requiring the new Educator to recreate the same Educator Groups in their own name.

Note: In order to be assigned to an Educator Group, the new Educator must have the right to see all the Learners in the Group through being assigned to the appropriate Organisation Group. When making your selection for the new owner, Educators who do not meet this criteria are highlighted in grey and cannot be selected.

To change the assigned Educator for an Educator Group, from the Group Details page:

  • Select Change from the Group Members panel in the side menu on the right.
  • Select the new Educator that you wish to assign to the Group. Educators that you cannot select are highlighted in grey.
  • Select Save.
  • A message will confirm the change you have made.
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