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Filtering Assessments

When viewing the Assessment tab, you may wish to filter the Assessments you see, so that only a subset of all of your Assessments is visible. You can filter by a number of criteria, and can combine criteria to provide a quite specific filter that exactly meets your needs.

The available filter criteria are:

Status (Active, Non-Active or Retired)

Assessment area (Numeracy, Reading, Vocabulary or Writing)

Assessment type (Adaptive, Non-Adaptive, Non-Adaptive for Printing or Snapshot).

Date (by date range created)

In addition, selecting the Show More Options link allows you to add further filtering options for:

Assessment Strand (Number Knowledge, Number Strategies and Measurement, General Numeracy, Read with Understanding, or Vocabulary); and

Difficulty (the Step selected for Non-Adaptive Assessments).

To filter using these criteria:

  1. Select the criteria you wish to filter by. In the case of date ranges, use the date picker to select the date range, for all other criteria select the checkbox next to the criteria name.
  2. Select the Apply Filter button.
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