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Response Information Report

Response Information Report

Key to numbers

3. The column on the left provides details about the question that relate to the Learning Progressions.

  • Intent the skill, knowledge or understanding that the question is designed to cover
  • Progression the learning progression that the question refers to
  • Step level the number of the learning progression step that relates to the level of difficulty of the question, and the description from that step that fits the particular question.

You can view all the steps of a learning progression by clicking on the name of the progression near the top of the graphical section of the Learner Assessment Report.

4. The column on the right provides information about responses to the question.

  • The Learner's result for the question Correct, Incorrect or Not answered
  • The correct response.

5. To view the question itself, and how this Learner responded in the Assessment, click on the link View Learner's response.

6. To view how the responses are broken down in a (Non-Adaptive Assessment only), select View Group responses/View Group Category Scores.

More detailed information on the Reports in the Assessment Tool can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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